AHA Health Care Transformation Fellowship

Join a network of over 100 distinguished AHA Health Care Transformation Fellows!

Health care is changing at a rapid pace, moving from a system that rewards volume to one that promotes and rewards value. America’s hospitals and health systems are transforming to meet the changing needs of our patients and our communities. It is vital that future health care leaders have the knowledge and skills to be adaptive while navigating these changes.

The 2018-2019 AHA Health Care Transformation Fellowship is strategically aligning with AHA’s The Value Initiative to provide training in leadership to tackle the key issues and disruptors affecting health care affordability and cost. Fellows will learn the skills necessary to become leaders in value and practice these skills using real life challenges in their hospital or health system.

Fellows gain access to case studies, mentorship, and networking opportunities with their peers and experts to transform their organizations in the following value impact areas:

  • Redesigning care delivery;
  • Improving quality and outcomes;
  • Managing risk and developing new payment models; and
  • Implementing operational solutions.

Key Dates:

October 2018 – July 2019

Key Components:

Learning Retreats

Four interactive, in-person learning retreats led by expert faculty will focus on leadership training, interactive speaker sessions, peer networking and sharing, and a group site visit.

Learning Retreat Dates:

  Date Location
Learning Retreat #1:
Get to Know the Issues and Framing the Challenge: The Value Initiative Executive Forum
December 2 – 4, 2018 Chicago, IL
Learning Retreat #2:
On-the-Ground Learning – Driving Delivery System Change through Innovation
February or March, 2019 (TBD) TBD – Site Visit
Learning Retreat #3:
Adapting to Change
AHA Annual Meeting
May 2019 Washington, D.C.
Learning Retreat #4:
Leading the Future in Value
July, 2019 San Diego, CA
Health Forum and the AHA Leadership Summit July 25-27, 2019 San Diego, CA

Leadership Training – Managing Uncertainty

Adaptive leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. Led by experts in adaptive leadership, Fellows will learn how to manage the process of change by practicing their newfound skills in real life case scenarios based on personal and professional challenges.

Speaker Sessions

Interactive speaker sessions will inform, engage and motivate Fellows on several topics related to value leadership. The learning retreats have been organized to overlap with AHA convenings/conferences to provide access to expert speakers in the health care field. Attendance to these conferences is encouraged.

Fellowship Learning Project and Action Plan

Fellows design and implement an action plan that addresses a transformational need in their organization and has measurable aims to achieve by the end of the ten month program. Fellows receive guidance from AHA staff, mentors, and their learning cohort, and periodically present progress updates. As a final product from the program, fellows may be asked to produce a brief case study, in collaboration with AHA, on their project impact, including data that quantifies the results and overall impact (i.e. cost savings or improved health outcomes). Fellowship projects should fall in the following categories: redesigning the delivery system, improving quality and outcomes, managing risk and new payment models, and implementing operational solutions.


Fellows are paired with a mentor who is a senior level health care leader to provide coaching, guidance and support throughout the Fellowship. Fellows and their mentors have regular communications throughout the year and are encouraged to meet up for a hosted site visit at the mentor or mentee’s organization.

Webinars/Case Studies

Webinars will be held periodically throughout the fellowship to provide virtual networking and learning opportunities and will focus on project updates, case study examples, and best practice sharing. These webinars will be an additional opportunity to hear from subject matter experts leading change in improving value in health care.


Fellowship applicants come from a variety of clinical, strategy and operational backgrounds and represent diverse health care settings from across the AHA Membership. Ideal Fellows include individuals leading (or will lead) department, organization or even system-wide transformation efforts focused on culture change, value-based care and population health.


Tuition covers one individual (the fellow) from each organization.

$9,500 per Fellow

  • All program materials for learning retreats and webinars
  • Breakfast, lunch and one dinner during fellowship learning retreats
  • Complementary registration to the 2019 AHA Annual Meeting and 2019 AHA Leadership Summit

*Fellows are responsible for their own airfare and accommodations to all in-person learning retreats and site visits.

Please note: Space is limited to 40 individuals.


Applications are now open. Please submit your application by August 10, 2018.

Applicants must submit:

  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Individual photo
  • Letter of organizational support – Please submit a one-page letter from the CEO, president or another executive from your organization. The letter should indicate organizational support and commitment (time and resources) for a fellowship project and for your participation in the Health Care Transformation Fellowship.
  • Leadership challenge and project idea

Please submit a short, one-page summary describing your biggest leadership challenge and an idea for a project that you may want to work on during this Fellowship. This project ideally will be aligned with improving value at your organization, and fall within the following categories (redesigning care delivery; improving quality and outcomes; managing risk and developing new payment models; and implementing operational solutions). This project may or may not be part of your organization’s existing initiatives, and will be further developed during the Fellowship with a clear aim, objectives, a way to measure progress, and achievable during the nine-month Fellowship.

Examples from previous fellowship classes include:

  • Development of a high-value network of post-acute providers to complement ACO/MSSP
  • Implementation of an ED patient navigator to decrease primary care related ED visits
  • Implementation of a shared-savings program with a large Medicaid managed care payer
  • Increase performance on quality metrics via implementation of a cardiovascular co-management model
  • Development of a structure for community-based partnerships and service delivery to support an ACO model of care
  • Creating intervention to address pediatric high-cost/high-risk populations using mobile applications

Please send your completed application information to hctfellowship@aha.org by August 10, 2018.

For more information, please contact hctfellowship@aha.org.