Associate Membership

Has your organization ever considered formally aligning with the AHA?

The AHA Associate Membership offers unique “access” and “visibility” among AHA’s 4500 member hospitals. This is achieved partly by allowing your organization to post its company logo and health care mission statement on this newly designed website (visited over a million times per year by hospital executives), including a link back to your organization’s web site. This is a proven vehicle to create additional web traffic (and fresh interest) for your offerings. You can see the way AHA’s Associate Members display their message by clicking on the AHA Associate Membership web directory.

Your employees will also receive "members only" access to the content areas of the AHA web site keeping them as up-to-date on emerging issues as our member hospital executives. Your organization will receive important online digital data products for free, including the "AHA Guide Online", "AHA Hospital Statistics Online", and the AHA Today newsletter, that can be used to build a more informed health care strategy every year. Several other publications and sponsorships are also available to Associate Members at a discounted rate.

Associate Membership is also a way for your organization to be “at the table” to hear about the key issues in play among America’s hospitals and the specific activities AHA is conducting to address these issues. By participating in the Washington update briefings and other events designed specifically for Associate Members, your organization will be as up to the minute on healthcare legislation and AHA’s advocacy efforts. It's also possible that you will be invited to appear on committees and task forces on emerging issues that relate to your expertise in the healthcare field.

Two levels of membership are offered. The Annual dues are $2950 for the "Basic level", and $10,000 for the "Advantage Level".

We commend your organization for its commitment to the healthcare community, and invite you to join forces with the largest hospital association in the world!

Please don't hesitate to call me directly at 312-422-2002 to discuss this important category of AHA membership in further detail.


Tony Spohn
Executive Director - Associate Membership