Discussions with Clinical Leaders

The AHA Physician Alliance frames all resources and services within three fundamental values: Lead Well. Be Well. Care Well., and through its “Five Questions” podcast, regularly engages physician leaders on these three values. Explore these issue briefs related to this podcast. To listen to these podcasts as well as others in the series, click here.


Five Questions on Well Being

Five Questions on Well-Being Top Takeaways

The AHA Physician Alliance conducts regular Questions with Clinician Leaders podcast featuring physicians across the country sharing their views on key issues. This brief’s focus is on physician well-being, a fundamental value of the Alliance. These are six actions everyone can take to address burnout in their organization while helping themselves and colleagues on the road to resilience.













Five Questions for Leadership

Five Questions For Leadership

Helping physician and administrative leaders improve the health of the enterprise and develop collaborative teams to move organizations forward – here are key leadership skills three successful physician leaders have found essential. 

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