The Value of Hospital Mergers

How Patients Benefit When Hospitals Come Together

City scene with medical facilities highlightedHospitals and health systems are transforming to create coordinated systems of care for patients. They are redesigning how they deliver care to meet patients’ needs and to provide their patients and communities with more convenient, cost-effective and innovative services. Realignment becomes necessary to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

While various forms of affiliation are being pursued, mergers and acquisitions are one of many effective means for making progress toward meeting the aims of value-based care and driving population health. This realignment is a direct response to the changing needs of communities for more convenient care, continuous financial pressures to reduce costs and the ever-present drive to improve quality for patients. America's hospitals and health systems continue to build a high-performing, patient-centered system that benefits us all.

Hospital mergers open doors to:

  • Advanced Quality
  • Enhanced Services
  • Maintain Access
  • Fuel Innovation

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