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Dec 12, 2018 by Ashley Thompson
Axios' The poor state of U.S hospital quality (December 1, 2018) gives an incomplete view on the state of quality and safety in America’s hospitals and health systems.
Dec 11, 2018 by Maryjane Wurth
Long-standing players in the health care market, along with a growing number of new market entrants – including tech behemoths and aggressive startups – have driven a flurry of activity in the health care space in 2018. And the pace of this activity has only increased in the last six months of the year.
Dec 10, 2018 by Nancy Agee
Transforming a park overrun with drug dealers and gangs into a safe, open space for recreation and activities for all ages, including youth and older adults.
Dec 10, 2018 by Rick Pollack
AHA response to Modern Healthcare story "Flaws in reporting create knowledge vacuum regarding community benefits"
Dec 7, 2018 by Rick Pollack
This week, as our nation marked the passing of President George H.W. Bush, I thought about what he meant for the country and its health.
Dec 6, 2018 by Melinda Hatton
AHA Senior Vice President Melinda Reid Hatton examines why a recent study on hospital consolidation from the Center for American Progress misses the mark.
Dec 3, 2018 by Nancy Agee
Three years ago, the AHA launched the #123forEquity pledge campaign to accelerate progress toward improving health equity, asking hospitals and health systems to take action in three areas: increasing the collection and use of race, ethnicity, language preference and other socio-demographic data; increasing cultural competency training; and increasing diversity in leadership and governance. A fourth area – improving and strengthening community partnerships – was added last year. 
Nov 30, 2018 by Rick Pollack
Earlier this month, voters in exit poll after exit poll made it clear that health care is an important issue to them. And near the top of their list of concerns was the affordability of health care services. 
Nov 27, 2018
The birth of a child is and should be among the happiest events in a woman’s life.
Nov 26, 2018 by Rick Pollack
“When Hospitals Merge, Patients Often Pay More” doesn’t paint a full picture of the root cause of higher health care costs to consumers.