Here's what people are saying about AHA Innovation 90...

"While our organization has used LEAN, CQI, adaptive design, and other process improvement tools quite effectively over the past 5 years, we are excited that this new innovation process is a scalable, systematic, repeatable process that reduces risk, and accelerates innovation adoption. We have so many potential projects (and teams) that will benefit from the introduction of this new process and the new 'tools in our tool box.' It was very helpful to bring an actual problem that we are working on to take through the interactive experiential lab format."

Pam Delagardelle - President/CEO
UnityPoint Health Waterloo, Waterloo, IA

"Innovation 90 boot camp is different from every other innovation program I have attended in the past. The AHA program has challenged my understanding of what innovation means as well as the skill sets I currently use with new projects. This program is rigorous, multi-faceted and intense. But at the end of the training, you leave with a fresh perspective, with tools, skills and strategies you might never have considered when approaching projects. Excellent team building exercises!"

Halana Finnie, PhD, RN, PMHNP, CNS-BC, FNP - Director of Behavioral Health Services
St. Barnabas Health System, Bronx, NY

“Our team was very excited to participate in the AHA Innovation Boot Camp. Overall the program was valuable and was a good jump off point for the team to begin work on an innovation focused project. The ability to bring a team together to receive training, focus on a defined problem, and work through the components of the program was extremely valuable.
The innovation content, small group activities, real life examples and gaining insights from the broader group were all very valuable components of the program. Hearing descriptions of the pitfalls or obstacles that you will face was extremely valuable to our team. Innovation is a fun topic to think about, but leaders often do not think about what it will take to move the culture of an organization to not block innovation, much less support it.“

Stephanie Beever, RN, MS - Executive Vice President and System Chief Strategy Officer
Carle Health System, Urbana, IL

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