Presenting Opportunities

The Call for Proposals for the 2019 AHA Team Training National Conference is now open! Read below for all the details or download our Call for Proposals PDF.

AHA Team Training’s mission is to foster a movement that transforms teams of experts into an expert team. At the year’s premier teaming event, disseminate your innovative ideas to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Reduce diagnostic error
  • Support change management efforts
  • Foster resiliency
  • Supercharge quality improvement efforts

The mission of the conference is to fundamentally change the future of health care by combining practical techniques and tools with new ideas to assist health care professionals in successfully creating a culture of safety through better and more efficient team-based care. Submit a proposal to display a poster or participate as a presenter at the AHA Team Training National Conference on June 12-14, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio. TeamSTEPPS can be used as the meeting point where different interdisciplinary groups from diverse health care settings come together. The AHA Team Training National Conference strives to go beyond TeamSTEPPS. Consider the following topics as you plan your proposal:

  • Submission Deadline: Proposals must be submitted via the online submission form below by Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 11 a.m. CT. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of proposal status by December 28, 2018.
  • Breakout session submission: Form
  • Poster submission: Form

Participate in this year’s conference to immerse yourself among an interprofessional group of attendees. The conference is open to all – from clinical to non-clinical and novices to experts in all varieties of teaming programs, including TeamSTEPPS. Attendees from past years range from front line staff to the C-suite, educators, students, and quality improvement advisors. They come from all settings across the care continuum in addition to non-profits, public health agencies, academic institutions, and more. The conference is ideal for making connections with others experiencing similar successes and challenges in improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care.

At its core, the AHA Team Training National Conference is practical, interactive, and experiential. What’s unique about this conference is the amount of collaborating that takes place during the sessions. Rarely are there long lectures or panels. You will walk away from sessions with useful takeaways and new connections with your peers.

Participate AHA Team Training is seeking proposals for concurrent breakout sessions and posters. Descriptions of both options are provided below. All proposals must be submitted by Friday, December 5, 2018 via the breakout session online form or poster online form.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will take place concurrently with up to five sessions per time slot. Session formats may include, but are not limited to, individual presentations, team presentations, or workshops. Breakout sessions should provide actionable information and convey knowledge, skills, and/or tools that attendees can apply in their organizations. Presenters are encouraged to avoid straight lectures. Group presentations are encouraged. Be creative and focus on practical takeaways for your audience! Every session must have an element of interaction or discussion. Sessions are either 90 or 120 minutes in length, including time for Q&A. If selected, we ask for mandatory participation in a 30-minute briefing call to discuss the presentation in further detail.

When submitting your proposal, you must select a session type:

  • Individual: Suitable for an experienced speaker who is able to engage the audience for 90 or 120 minutes, including time for Q&A.
  • Team: Suitable for two or more speakers to present for 90 or 120 minutes, including time for Q&A.
  • Workshop: Suitable for two or more speakers to present in a smaller setting for up to 50 attendees, similar to a classroom (attendees will be sitting in round tables), to encourage group work and skill-building projects for 90 or 120 minutes, including time for Q&A.
  • NEW! FRED Talk: Similar to a TED Talk, these are short (10-20 minutes), engaging presentations that capture the imagination and are narrative-based with minimal use of PowerPoint. FRED Talks are named after Fred the Penguin, the iconic conference mascot for over 7 years.


AHA Team Training is seeking to display original content about your projects. Posters may present case studies unique to your facility or novel tools or approaches that have been implemented. Your poster will be displayed over the course of the conference, but there will be a networking and poster reception on Thursday, June 11 at 5:00 p.m. where conference attendees will have the opportunity to view and discuss your poster with you. The lead poster author is encouraged to attend the conference and stand by his/her/their poster for the duration of the networking poster session.

If you wish to also share your poster as a poster presentation, you will have up to 10 minutes to provide an SBAR presentation of your poster before the poster reception on Thursday evening. Only a select number of poster presentations will be selected. The poster submission form will include more details.

AHA Team Training is seeking proposals for concurrent breakout sessions and posters. All proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, December 5, 2018. The 2019 conference will focus on several topics that are not just limited to TeamSTEPPS:

  • Change Management
  • High Reliability
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Leadership
  • Multidisciplinary Team Performance
  • Quality Improvement
  • Patient and Family Engagement
  • Patient Safety
  • Reducing Diagnostic Error
  • Resiliency
  • Simulation and Gaming
  • TeamSTEPPS
  • Workforce

Proposals must be submitted electronically by Wednesday, December 5. You can access the form below.

  • Breakout session submission: Form
  • Poster submission: Form

You are encouraged to draft your proposal in a word processing document and copy it into the online form. Proposals that are incomplete or do not follow the submission guidelines will not be considered for selection.

All proposals should include:

  • Full contact information for each presenter (name, title, organization, city, state, phone, email). You may have up to three presenters per session.
  • Brief biography (up to 250 words) for each presenter. Please do not submit resumes or CVs.
  • Topics (listed above) to which the presentation best relates.
  • Descriptive presentation title (15 words or fewer).
  • Three specific learning objectives for the presentation.
  • Short description (up to 250 words) of the proposed presentation, including the take-home value and impact of the presentation. Why is the session particularly relevant or valuable to conference attendees? Who is best suited to attend?

If selected, your name, biography, presentation title, session description, and learning objectives will be made available on the AHA Team Training website and conference mobile application. Conference attendees will receive a PDF version of your presentation via the mobile application.

AHA Team Training will look favorably on session proposals that go beyond telling the story of a single organization or program and that share transferable skills, tools or approaches, evaluation metrics and outcomes, and/or provide for some interaction with attendees.

Session proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Amount of interaction and practical takeaways;
  2. Relevance of proposed session to the needs of the current health care landscape;
  3. Clarity and specificity in session description and learning objectives;
  4. Demonstrable results;
  5. Specific, practical take-home value of the information to be presented; and
  6. Clarity of session design.

Note: To preserve the integrity of the educational experience, AHA Team Training has a policy of not selling services, products, or future consulting assignments during presentations. All accepted breakout session presenters will be asked to sign a speaker agreement that includes this policy.

Presenters and poster authors are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses, but are invited to register for the conference at a special reduced rate. Confirmed presenters and poster authors will receive a discount code at the time of registration.

Deadline Task
December 5, 2018 Proposals must be submitted by 11 a.m. CT
December 28, 2018 Notification of proposal status sent
January 18, 2019 Agreement and disclosure forms due
June 7, 2019 Presentation materials due in electronic format
June 12-14, 2019 AHA Team Training National Conference

Please note the following criteria for participation:

  • Applicants will be notified of their proposal status by December 28, 2018. If selected, information regarding important deadlines and requirements will be provided in an official confirmation letter.
  • Presenters agree:
    • To give AHA Team Training final determination of the format and length of sessions.
    • To allow AHA Team Training to reproduce and distribute session handouts to national conference attendees via electronic and online mediums.
    • To be responsible for bringing their PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive and a laptop on the day of the presentation.
    • To be responsible for the printing and delivery of a horizontal 36 in. x 48 in. (3 feet x 4 feet) poster if chosen for the poster display (if applicable). A poster stand will be provided.

Presenters should be aware of the following guidelines, terms, and conditions for participation:

  • Proposals must be complete and will only be accepted electronically via the online submission form by Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 11 a.m. CT.
  • Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  • The submission of a proposal does not guarantee participation in the program.
  • Proposals for breakout sessions should only be submitted when a presenter is available to appear on any day of the AHA Team Training National Conference, June 12-14, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio.
  • If the proposal is selected, AHA Team Training reserves the right to revise presentation titles, reassign the identified topic area, or edit the presentation summary for promotional and program materials.

AHA Team Training is accepting electronic proposals through Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Please call 312-422-2609 or email any questions about the proposal process, your proposal, or the AHA Team Training National Conference.