AHA Area Wage Index Advisory Review Committee Agenda Book — July 2013

Table of Contents

  1. Agenda for AARC Open Forum Page 2
  2. Roster of AARC Members Page 6
  3. AARC Charge Page 7
  4. Area Wage Index Task Force Report Page 8
  5. Educational Call Slides Page 44
  6. State-level Impact Data on Task Force Recommendations Page 72
  7. Reports from External Reviewers
    1. Side-by-Side of Task Force Report Reviewer Comments Page 75
    2. Reports from Task Force Report Reviewers Page 77
      (Al Dobson, Bruce Steinwald, and Jeff Stensland)
    3. Report from Impact Analysis External Reviewer (Lane Koenig) Page 97
  8. Information on Circularity and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Data
    1. Overview of Circularity and BLS Data Page 98
    2. Benefits and Contract Labor Percentages by type of hospital and state Page 106
    3. Introduction to BLS Data (presentation given by BLS to AWI Task Force) Page 110
  9. Written Statements Submitted to AHA on the AWI (separate attachment) Appendix A
  10. Optional Information: AHA Wage Index Chartpack Page 145

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