The hospital. Those two words permeate our national conscience. Think about it.

When Americans talk about the place they rely on at critical times of their lives, they just say the hospital and everyone knows what they mean. In communities all across America, the hospital is the place that cures and cares.

But hospitals are not just places. They are people – the nurses and emergency medical service professionals, doctors and administrators, information management specialists and home health personnel, lab technicians, auxilians and volunteers, maintenance technicians and food services workers, and many others – who help make America’s hospitals the best in the world. Their efforts to bring care, compassion and healing to our patients are worthy of celebration every day.

National Hospital Week, May 7-13, presents a wonderful opportunity to recognize these special people. The week and the events are a valuable showcase for our field, providing an opportunity to display our pride and unity on a national stage.

Take advantage of National Hospital Week to shine a spotlight on your special people. It’s a wonderful way to express gratitude to the people who keep health care strong.

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