AHA Digital Pulse Pilot Will Help Hospitals Benchmark Performance

AHA Digital Pulse

Consumers increasingly are choosing providers who offer digital capabilities to make access to care and personal health information more convenient. So, where is your organization in its digital health journey? Through an online assessment tool, access to the digital solutions landscape and peer-to-peer collaboration, AHA members will be able to better understand their digital capabilities for consumers and to accelerate transformation with their peers.

Be First to Pilot

We are currently recruiting pilot participants to be among the first organizations to test our proprietary assessment tool, prior to the launch of AHA Digital Pulse in early 2020.

Learn More

Through a strategic alliance with the digital innovation network, AVIA, the AHA Center for Health Innovation will make this unique digital tool and platform available to all members to help:

  • Assess your organization's digital capabilities in relation to those of other hospital peers
  • Generate a baseline and benchmark data to prioritize digital investments
  • Review future technology opportunities
  • Build out your investment road map

Sign Up

Learn more about this new tool by participating in an upcoming webinar offered either January 8, 15, 22 or 29. For more information about joining the pilot and the webinar, contact Alex Rozenbaum, arozenbaum@aha.org, AHA director of product development.

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