Membership Options

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the American Hospital Association. To request membership information, please select from the following categories:

Institutional Membership

Annual dues are determined by the type and size of the organization. Institutional members include:

  • Hospitals
  • Health care systems
  • Pre-acute/Post-acute patient care facilities
  • Hospital-affiliated educational programs (e.g., hospital school of nursing, program in health administration)

Click here to request institutional membership information.

Personal Membership

Annual dues vary by professional organization. Please choose from the list below:

Associate Program

Starting in January 2020, AHA has replaced the AHA Associate Membership program with a new AHA Associate program, which will focus more directly on the health care business community’s needs.

Program Benefits

Your organization may enroll up to five executives in the program, which will provide them with:

  • Exclusive access to the AHA’s hallmark events. Attendance at the AHA Annual Membership Meeting, Rural Health Care Leadership Conference and Leadership Summit will be limited to AHA Associates, sponsors and exhibitors — giving your enrolled executives a focused opportunity to rub shoulders with key decision-makers.
    • Any executive from an AHA Associate organization may register for these events at the special AHA member rate.
    • You’ll receive invitations for AHA Associate Meet & Greet Receptions held at these flagship events.
  • Exclusive access to quality AHA content available only to AHA members, as well as content curated towards the interests of the business community.
    • Subscription to the AHA Today daily newsletter.
    • Subscription to AHA Market Scan, weekly updates on forces driving transformation in health care.
    • (excludes access to nonpublic, advocacy/policy content).
    • Business-partner-focused e-newsletter.
    • Featured content delivered through webinars and emails.
  • Exclusive opportunity to hear semi-annual Washington update briefings.
  • Opportunity for a select number of AHA Associates to contribute perspectives by participating in the AHA Advisory panel.

How to Join

New program participants will contribute $10,000 in annual dues. Contact us to join.

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