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Advancing Health is the American Hospital Association’s podcast series. Podcasts will feature conversations with hospital and health system leaders on a variety of issues that impact patients and communities. Look for new episodes directly from your mobile device by using SoundCloud. You can also listen to the podcasts directly by clicking below.

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Feb 8, 2023

In most hospitals, highly-trained staff members know just what to do in the case of an emergency, whether it is a fire, hurricane, or even an active shooter. But what happens when that emergency comes in the form of a dangerous cyberattack? Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., has developed a system-wide “off” switch that staff can activate if it is clear that the hospital has come under a broad-based ransomware or malware attack.

Feb 1, 2023

Hospitals and health systems continue to face serious economic challenges relating to escalating expenses and staffing shortages. One health system met the challenge head on. Mary Marran of Care New England explains how they kept their focus on short-term economic recovery plans, while addressing an urgent long-term need — improving access to behavioral health care.


Jan 30, 2023

On this Leadership Dialogue Series podcast, two chairs of the American Hospital Association’s Board of Trustees come together to share their insights on the state of health care in our country, and what hospitals and health systems can look forward to in 2023.

John Haupert, president and CEO of Atlanta-based Grady Health System and the 2023 chair of AHA’s board, is joined by the leader he just succeeded — AHA’s Immediate Past Board Chair, Wright Lassiter III, CEO of CommonSpirit Health. It would be hard to find two health care CEOs more in touch with what’s happening in the field right now.

Join John and Wright as they explore key issues, including workforce, virtual care and partnerships.


Jan 25, 2023

For years, hospitals and health systems have shared the goal of developing an interoperable health care information system that shares data across providers.

The advantages are significant: faster, more accurate transfer of patient records that can result in more effective treatment. Less of an administrative burden for doctors, nurses and other caregivers. Overall, a smoother system that better serves everyone’s needs. But here’s a key question: how does such a system deliver sensitive information to those who have a need for it … and keep it out of the hands of those that don’t?

In January 2021, Micky Tripathi assumed the job of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There, he leads the formulation of the federal health IT strategy and coordinates federal health IT policies, standards, programs, and investments.

In this podcast with the AHA’s Nancy Foster, Tripathi talks about what his office is doing to help care providers achieve the health information sharing system they want and deserve.


Jan 18, 2023

Since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic in March 2020, our nation’s hospitals have paid a significant financial toll … and psychiatric hospitals are no exception.  Inpatient psychiatric admissions declined heavily throughout the pandemic. And while health professional shortages have long impeded behavioral health care access, the recent and forthcoming retirements of more than half of the current workforce, due in part to the COVID pandemic, only adds to provider challenges. In this podcast, Jordan Steiger, senior program manager, Behavioral Health, Clinical Affairs and Workforce at the AHA, speaks with Matthew Stanley, clinical vice president, Behavioral Health Service Line, with Avera Health in Sioux Falls, SD. Like many hospitals and health systems, Avera Health continues to face significant challenges as expenses continue to escalate, patient boarding in emergency departments grows, and staffing shortages, often addressed by hiring expensive travel nurses as a solution, combine to create unsustainable budget pressures. Undeterred, Dr. Stanley and his team have accelerated their work to improve access to behavioral health care in the face of these daunting obstacles.


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