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Advancing Health is the American Hospital Association’s podcast series. Podcasts will feature conversations with hospital and health system leaders on a variety of issues that impact patients and communities. Look for new episodes directly from your mobile device by using SoundCloud. You can also listen to the podcasts directly by clicking below.

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Oct 5, 2022

The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most exciting developments in global health in recent history. What’s also exciting are key lessons from the national rollout of the vaccine and how this new knowledge gives us hope for a future of better health for all. In this episode, Gian Varbaro, M.D., chief medical officer, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, joins Kathy Cummings, director of communications for AHA's Health Research & Educational Trust, to reflect on key strategies and action steps that proved successful in getting shots into arms and overcoming barriers, such as access, trust and misinformation - and the lessons learned that are moving health care forward.


Oct 2, 2022

As the US population continues to age, leaders at hospitals and health systems are increasingly partnering with community-based organizations to address the social and non-medical health needs of older individuals, including nutrition and transportation assistance, social connection, and caregiver support. Area Agencies on Aging are one of the community-based organizations that hospitals and health systems are forging strong, dynamic partnerships with. Today, we have a conversation that explores the ways in which hospitals and health systems are partnering with Area Agencies on Aging, as well as tips on some common pitfalls to avoid in these partnerships. Nancy Myers is the Vice President of Leadership and System Innovation at the AHA, where she leads strategy and programmatic work on population health that supports hospitals and health systems and their strategic partners to equitably support the health of the communities they serve. Marisa Scala-Foley is the Director of the Aging and Disability Business Institute, a part of USAging. The Business Institute provides community-based organizations with tools and resources they can use to successfully adapt to a changing health care environment, enhance their organizational capacity and capitalize on emerging opportunities to diversify funding.


Sep 30, 2022

Hypertension while pregnancy or postpartum can increase the risk of other complications that impact the mom and baby. CDC’s Million Hearts named the Missouri Hospital Association a 2021 Hypertension Control Exemplar for its efforts to prioritize hypertension control among pregnant and postpartum patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aisha Syeda, senior program manager of AHA’s strategic initiatives uncovers how as she speaks with Judy Hannan, senior advisor of CDC’s Million Hearts® initiative, Alison Williams, Vice President of Clinical Quality Improvement at Missouri Hospital Association and Kendell Farr, Womens Health Nurse Practitioner at Hannibal Regional Healthcare System.


Sep 28, 2022

According to the CDC, firearms are used in approximately 50% of all suicides. In this podcast, Dr. Emmy Betz, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and director of the Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative joins Laura Castellanos, associate director, Hospitals Against Violence initiative at the American Hospital Association. Together they explore the connections between firearms and suicide, and what hospitals and healthcare systems need to know about firearm suicide prevention.

A variety of organizations are involved in the discussion about firearm safety and suicide. These include the Bulletpoints Project, Walk the Talk America, the partnership between the VA, NSSF, and ASFP, and the American College of Surgeons. For more information on the work that Dr. Betz is doing at the Injury and Violence Prevention Center, please click here.


Sep 26, 2022

Recently, the hospital leadership team of Ouachita County Medical Center in Camden, Ark., made the “heart-wrenching decision” to close a rural health clinic that the hospital had operated for 25 years. Leaders and staff also took wage cuts and reduced work hours. Take that one sad event . . . multiply it by more than 135 times over the past dozen years . . . and you’ve got some idea of the alarming economic challenges facing our nation’s rural and low-volume hospitals. Hospitals and health systems across the United States are experiencing unprecedented financial pressures right now. Labor shortages, increased expenses, and lower Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates impact most care providers, and none more so than rural hospitals.

On this Leadership Dialogue Series podcast, AHA Board Chair Wright L. Lassiter III is joined by Peggy Abbott, CEO of Ouachita County Medical Center, to discuss how the current economic stressors are affecting the small, rural hospital she leads. Like every hospital leader, Abbott’s foremost concern is keeping the doors open and continuing to meet patients’ and community health needs. Lassiter and Abbott talk about what that’s going to take . . . what changes are needed to keep the health care system in America as we know it functioning. As Abbott says, Hospitals are too important to every community to let any hospital fail — we need every hospital.”


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