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Welcome to the American Hospital Association's Team Training Program
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AHA Team Training strives to transform teams of experts into expert teams. Using a proven, evidence-based approach we offer education and resources to improve process and outcomes as well as patient and staff satisfaction. We work with all health care professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, in settings as diverse as can be imagined in the modern health care landscape.

Learn more about how you and your organization can improve communication and teamwork using TeamSTEPPS.


Courses and Workshops

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Our monthly webinar series is a free learning resource with an on-demand library.

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Custom Advisory

We can tailor sustainable solutions to help your team achieve goals.

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TeamSTEPPS Video Toolkit

Provide communication tools for your team and better care for your patients with the new TeamSTEPPS Video Toolkit, a free resource brought to you by AHA Team Training and CDC’s Project Firstline. The toolkit has been designed to help improve teamwork in health care and highlights nine of the most commonly used TeamSTEPPS tools. Each tool follows a thoughtfully-designed sequence that brings TeamSTEPPS to life using relatable scenarios, critical thinking prompts, and best practices examples in an engaging learning experience. This out-of-the-box resource is an excellent facilitation tool for training all levels of staff and busy team members.

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