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2024 AHA Board Chair Joanne M. Conroy, M.D., headshot.

Blog posts from 2024 AHA Board Chair Joanne M. Conroy, M.D., CEO and president of Dartmouth Health, and past chairs.

This week is National Hospital Week. It’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate health care professionals working at the more than 6,000 hospitals, health systems and health networks across the United States.
More than 1,000 people will convene in Kansas City, Mo., beginning tomorrow to participate in the AHA Accelerating Health Equity Conference. This year’s theme, Driving Change Together, emphasizes the importance of leaders at hospitals, health systems, public health departments and community-…
The AHA has developed a sustainability roadmap for health care. This roadmap provides excellent resources and strategic guidance for hospitals and health systems that are adopting practices to support the environment and their communities.
The health care workforce provides critical services to patients, their families and communities.
In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of innovation and safety in health care. Hospital and health system teams responded and adapted nimbly during the pandemic — developing and deploying innovative processes and creating new tools and technologies to better serve their patients…
In today’s episode, I talk with David Zuckerman, president and founder of the Healthcare Anchor Network.
The AHA’s Hospitals Against Violence (HAV) initiative shares resources and strategies to promote a culture of safety across the field. To guide health care leaders in efforts to prevent and mitigate violence, the HAV initiative developed the Building a Safe Workplace and Community framework.
This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week. It’s an annual recognition to inspire action and raise awareness to improve the safety of our health care system and acknowledge the progress that’s been made.At hospitals and health systems, patient safety is a priority every single day. Leadership and…
Communication. Teamwork. Unity. That’s what helps drive health care innovation, accelerates health equity, improves health outcomes and advances health in our communities.