Leadership Dialogue

Leadership Dialogue. A Conversation with AHA Chair Wright Lassiter III.

Leadership Dialogue Series: Discussing How Health Systems Benefit Communities with Eugene Woods

In this episode, AHA Board Chair Wright L. Lassiter III is joined by Eugene Woods, president and CEO of Atrium Health, based in Charlotte, N.C. Woods is a former chair of the AHA Board of Trustees.

Lassiter and Woods talk about the role of health systems within the U.S. health care system today and how scale can benefit communities and foster innovations. They also discuss ensuring equitable care and access for people in the urban and rural communities served by health systems.

Hospitals and health systems are facing significant financial and workforce challenges now, and Woods talks about the impact of these challenges and how Atrium Health is addressing them. He also shares examples of how Atrium Health teams continue to explore innovation and partnerships across different sectors.

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