2023 AHA Health Care Workforce Scan

Latest insights and trends to consider in your workforce planning

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Guide to Developing Bold New Ways to Retain and Attract Workers

While the health care field has always dealt with workforce challenges, the pandemic has greatly amplified them. Through all their emotional, physical and financial challenges, health care workers have continued to put high-quality, compassionate care at the center of all they do. They deserve our support.

Drawn from the latest, most-authoritative studies and reports, the 2023 AHA Health Care Workforce Scan offers insights and practical recommendations to help you take innovative steps to support, retain and recruit staff. Discover actionable ways to:

  • Reconnect clinicians to purpose.
  • Provide the support, training and technology clinicians need to thrive in multiple care delivery environments.
  • Recruit innovatively, invest in retention and build a robust pipeline.

For a high-level, two-page overview of the state of the health care workforce, download this Executive Summary of the 2023 AHA Health Care Workforce Scan.

Download this AHA members-only presentation to share key points from the 2023 AHA Health Care Workforce Scan with your colleagues or other audiences.


AHA Health Care Workforce Scan

Download the 2023 Health Care Workforce Scan

Looking for workforce insights you can use to guide your organization forward during this time of uncertainty and continued transformation?


Key Findings of 2023 Health Care Workforce Scan

The 2023 AHA Health Care Workforce Scan reveals five fundamental factors shaping the workforce.

Hospital employees using medical equipment

Workforce Shortages Continue

Shortages of health care workers in all roles will persist well beyond the pandemic given today’s highly competitive labor market.

Stress in health care staff

Worker Turnover is Massive

People in all sectors of the economy — health care included —are leaving for new jobs or new fields or from the job market altogether.

Health Care workers supporting each other

Workers Need Support

Health care workers’ mental and physical well-being requires tangible help and support from their leadership, and respect from the communities they serve.

Medical staff ascending  in a stairwell

Disruption Opens New Opportunities

Health care’s challenges have also created unique opportunities to accelerate change and improve the way care is delivered.

Medical people in hall with child

Are all Stakeholders on Board?

Ensuring the health and safety of the health care workforce — and of their patients — requires commitment at the individual, organizational and community level.