The All of Us Research Program

Imagine a day when patients walk through their hospital doors knowing a care team can help determine their personal risk for a range of diseases, and tailor treatments specifically for them. The All of Us Research Program seeks to enable such customized medicine. Health care providers have a critical role to play in this effort.


         Dr. Francis S. Collins, MD PhD,  Director, National Institutes of Health

Through All of Us, the National Institutes of Health is aiming to enroll one million or more participants who will share their health information and begin a new era in medical research and treatment.

Two major goals set this NIH effort apart from typical medical research. First, they aim to have 50 percent of participants from racial and ethnic minority communities. Second, they aim to have 75 percent of participants from groups that have been historically underrepresented in research. Building on the AHA’s commitment to reducing health disparities, please consider participating in this important effort.

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