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Wed, Sep 29, 2021, 12:00 PM – Wed, Sep 29, 2021, 01:00 PM




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Kristin Oliver


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Creating an Intelligent Patient Journey through Automation and AI Enablement 
Geisinger Hospital Shares Its Learnings and Success   

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 
1 - 2 p.m. Eastern; noon - 1 p.m. Central; 10 - 11 a.m. Pacific   


Geisinger Hospital was faced with the challenge of decreasing total cost of patient care while enhancing the patient journey, all with a robust digital infrastructure. Using automation, the hospital developed four ways to get results to ensure optimal communication time to patients. The 6 stages of operations they followed will be discussed in this webinar.   

Learn the necessary pre-requisites for development of automation in a provider organization. Also discover the power of automation and the future enablement of AI in the patient journey experience, while focusing on improving employee productivity and allowing more time for patient interactions.    
Attendees Will Learn: 

  • How automation leads to the potential future of AI in managing the patient journey.  

  • The necessary pre-requisites for development of automation in a provider organization.  

  • The do’s and don’ts of implementation, prevention, and recovery on the automation journey.   

Emily LeFeir  
Sr. Director of Innovation and Automation 
Geisinger Hospital  
Danville, Pa. 
Scott Cullen, MD  
Managing Director 
Boston, Mass.   

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