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Wed, Jan 22, 2020, 11:30 AM – Wed, Jan 22, 2020, 01:00 PM



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Healthcare organizations cannot truly make safety and wellness a priority for their patients unless they also make it a priority for their providers and systems. During this webinar, participants will learn why it is imperative that hospitals fosters individual and system wellness engagement by providing the tools and resources to cultivate both. The team at Jamaica Hospital will share how during the transition to a value-based care model, leadership recognized the need to emphasize a focus on provider wellness. They will also discuss how these changes require an in-depth look at organizational performance from multiple perspectives, including patient and provider engagement to achieve value and sustainability. The recognition of the burdens of organizational change, including the significant financial and psychological implications, have led to a commitment to prioritizing wellness as a core value as they foster continual improvement in a value-based care model.

With Bruce Flanz, president and CEO, Medisys Health Network; Sabiha Raoof, MD, CMO and Chair, Department of Radiology, Medisys Health Network; Alan Roth, DO, FAAFP, Chair, Departments of Family Medicine and Ambulatory Care; Chief, Division of Pain and Palliative Medicine, Medisys Health Network; Gina Basello, DO, Vice Chair, Dept of Family Medicine; Program Director, Family Medicine Residency; Associate Director, Palliative Medicine, Jamaica Hospital; Kamica Lewis, DO, Associate Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, Jamaica Hospital