Health Equity Action Library


HEAL is a knowledge bank of updated information readily available for all health care organizations. It is a dynamic collection of tools and resources focusing on practical, how-to solutions to help hospitals and health systems of all sizes build more inclusive and equitable communities.

Featuring a carefully curated list of top publications in the health care field, HEAL makes it easier for all health care advocates and professionals to better understand opportunities, challenges and strategies that may help them begin or advance their health equity journey. These research and guidance resources can be found among six key areas pertinent to all health care organizations: Equitable and Inclusive Organizational Policies, Systemic and Shared Accountability, Community Collaboration for Solutions, Diverse Representation in Leadership and Governance, Data Collection and Use to Drive Action and Culturally Appropriate Patient Care.

For more information on AHA initiatives to help create more equitable health ecosystems and communities, visit the Health Equity Roadmap.

Six Key Resource Areas

Collection and Use of Data to Drive Action

Using quantitative and qualitative data to inform, design, and evaluate improvement strategies.

Community Collaboration for Solutions

Advancing health equity and fostering healthy communities by investing in strong hospital-community partnerships.

Culturally Appropriate Patient Care

Practicing cultural humility and activities that improve culturally appropriate care such as language access and health literacy.

Diverse Representation in Executive Leadership and Governance

Creating pathways that lead to diversifying leadership ranks to reflect the populations and communities served.

Equitable and Inclusive Organizational Policies

Applying a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens to organizational policies and supporting an equitable and inclusive climate and culture.

Systematic and Shared Accountability

Creating infrastructure to maintain accountability to sustain DEI work across departments and service lines.