Medicare for All

“Medicare for All” – a catch-all label that has become a part of the political dialogue – represents a variety of health coverage proposals that would do everything from establish a national health insurance program with no competition to create a public, Medicare-like option for sale on the individual exchanges.

While these proposals vary, they all could do more harm than good to patient care. The AHA is committed to the goal of affordable, comprehensive health insurance for every American. However, “Medicare for All” is not the solution.

See the resources below for more on the AHA’s position on Medicare for All and why we think a better solution lies in continuing to build on the progress we’ve made in increasing coverage over the past decade. The number of people with health insurance has increased significantly over the past five years, with more than 20 million individuals newly insured. Most of these individuals were able to enroll in coverage offered through the Medicaid program, their employer or the individual market as a result of improved and expanded coverage programs and insurance market reforms.