#MyWhy Campaign

#MyWhy Campaign/Frontline Worker Stories: Why I got the COVID-19 Vaccine

Hospital employees share their COVID-19 vaccine journey

Nine hospital employees from UAB Medicine in Alabama candidly discuss their COVID-19 vaccine experience, including any initial hesitancy and side effects. Team members from environmental services, food services, guest services and supply chain services share their why for getting the vaccine.


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From a voice in the Latino community

In this #MyWhy video, a hospital Spanish interpreter discusses concerns he hears from the Latino community about the COVID-19 vaccine as well as why he chose to get the vaccine. The video is in both English and Spanish with translations.


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#MyWhy Public Service Announcement

#MyWhy - Health worker Osacue, operating room technician, wearing mask and scrubs, with sleeve rolled up in preparation for COVID-19 vaccination

America’s health care workers share why they chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine. We hear first-hand from individuals in the emergency department, environmental services, food services, front desk, operating room and more.


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Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine During My Pregnancy

#MyWhy - Dr. Kelly Nelson

Doctors discuss getting the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. AHA’s #MyWhy social campaign aims to build vaccine confidence among the health care workforce.

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines for people pregnant and breastfeeding from the CDC webpage.


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An Alabama Health Care Leader Shares Her Why

#MyWhy - Laura P. Kowalczyk, CMRP, Vice President, Supply Chain and Support Services, UAB Medicine.

The vice president of supply chain and support services at UAB Medicine in Alabama shares her why for getting the COVID-19 vaccine and how vaccines are bringing relief to hospitals and health systems. AHA’s affiliate, the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management encourages it members to share their reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


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As a physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, environmental services or food services worker or other health care professional, your example is one of the strongest health resources we have. When you get your COVID-19 vaccine, please consider sharing your story to help others understand the importance of getting vaccinated.

Three ways you can participate:

  1. Share a video or story on social media talking about why you got the COVID-19 vaccine. Please use the tag #MyWhy in your post and tag @AHAhospitals. 
  2. Complete this form to submit your video (under 30 seconds). Your story may be featured on our website and social media.*  Please use the words “My Why is…” in your response if you can. 
  3. Submit a written testimonial briefly stating why you got the COVID-19 vaccine and include a photo. Right click in the Google Drive folder to upload the document and photo. We will similarly use your story on social media, website, or other communications.* Please use the words “My Why is…” in your response if possible.

Questions to help tell your story:

  • Why did you get the COVID-19 vaccine? Sample answers:
    • My why is to keep my colleagues safe. I know getting vaccinated is the first step towards being protected from COVID-19 and continue safely caring for my community.
    • I got the COVID-19 vaccine so I feel more confident that I am keeping my family safe when I go home. That’s my why.
    • My why is ending this pandemic!
  • If you could say one thing to your fellow health care professionals about why they should get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to them, what would it be?

Filming Tips:

  • Try to keep your video under 30-seconds.
  • Begin by introducing yourself (name, what hospital or health system you work in or where you are from, job)
  • If you are filming yourself with your phone, make sure you are holding it in landscape mode (horizontal).
  • Film yourself in a well-lit room or outside during the day in a quiet spot.

Please refrain from submitting stories that may include personal health information that may be subject to HIPAA regulations or may otherwise compromise the privacy of any individual.

#MyWhy Testimonials

Roger Wells Image
“My why for getting this vaccination is because it is our first opportunity to demonstrate and lead the rest of the population into a prevention mode. We have all been experiencing a terrible 2020. 2020 has all kinds of memories of disappointments, missed graduations and deaths but now we have the opportunity to step forward and lead the population into a new 2021 which should be tremendous, independent and lead us to our normal way of life.”


Roger Wells, PA-C
Lexington Regional Health Center

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