Following his introduction as the AHA’s next president and CEO, AHA Executive Vice President Rick Pollack today called on hospital leaders at the AHA Annual Membership Meeting to deliver a message of regulatory relief, reform and resources in their meetings this week with legislators and staff on Capitol Hill. He said hospitals need relief from burdensome and confusing audits, regulations and paperwork requirements; reforms that remove the outdated regulations and administrative red tape hindering hospitals’ ability to navigate a changing health care landscape; and resources that ensure “hospitals have the funding necessary to meet our responsibilities to the patients and communities we serve.” All hospitals are on a “journey in transforming the health care in this country and redefining the ‘H,’” Pollack said. “Wherever this journey takes us, we will endure because the ‘H’ will always mean healing and hope…will always be critical to the health of all Americans…and a key strength in our country’s future.”