In a letter to the editor of The Hill, AHA Executive Vice President Rick Pollack responds to a recent blog on the 340B Drug Pricing Program. “The truth is that the hospitals eligible for this necessary program stretch their scarce federal resources to do more for patients. For example, they are expanding care, providing services to more patients and reducing the price of pharmaceuticals. In addition, increasing patients’ access to drugs helps to improve health outcomes and reduce future health care spending.” Pollack noted that drugs purchased through the 340B program represent only 2% of the $325 billion in annual U.S. drug purchases, and that the program reduces government spending and saves state and federal taxpayer dollars. “The truth is that without the program, some hospitals would not be able to provide the array of services their communities depend on, jeopardizing care for our nation’s most vulnerable patients. In the end, it’s patients who will suffer the most if this valuable program is compromised.”