The AHA yesterday urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to finalize guidance on opioid prescribing for chronic pain as soon as possible. “Precisely because the dangers of under-treating pain and of over-prescribing opioids are so great, hospitals and their medical staffs are eager to have scientifically sound guidance from a well-respected organization such as the CDC,” wrote Ashley Thompson, AHA senior vice president for public policy analysis and development. “…When your guidance is complete, we look forward to helping to disseminate the information and will work with you to ensure effective strategies are adopted across the nation’s hospitals.” The AHA has made it a priority to support its members in addressing opioid addiction in their communities. For example, in 2016 AHA plans to share member practices for managing opioids in the emergency department, provide examples for community collaboration, and distribute additional educational tools and resources. Today’s letter augments previously submitted detailed comments on clinical aspects of the draft guidance, which AHA developed with members of its Committee on Clinical Leadership.