Health care providers should initiate antiviral treatment as soon as possible for all patients hospitalized with confirmed or suspected flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today, citing reports of severe respiratory illness or death in young- to middle-aged adults infected with the recently predominating strain. Some of the patients reportedly had negative results from a rapid flu diagnostic test. The agency also recommends prompt antiviral therapy for high-risk outpatients and those with progressive disease, even if flu has not been confirmed by laboratory testing. “Although influenza activity nationally is low compared to this time last season, it is increasing; and some localized areas of the United States are already experiencing high activity,” CDC said. Clinicians should continue to vaccinate patients for as long as flu viruses are circulating, the agency said, noting that most circulating flu viruses are still like the viruses recommended for the 2015-2016 vaccines. For more information, see the CDC advisory.