AHA today voiced support for the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (S. 524), bipartisan legislation being considered this week by the Senate to address the nation’s opioid epidemic. “Hospitals see firsthand the effects of opioid abuse, addiction, and overdoses in the communities we serve across the nation,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack in a letter to the bill’s sponsors. “Our members’ experiences in treating those affected by opioid use disorders have demonstrated that only a multifaceted approach that invests in education, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation can end the public health crisis that threatens the health and lives of millions of Americans.” He noted that hospitals can play a “distinct role” in helping to end the epidemic as providers of both ongoing and emergency care, and expressed support for grant programs to support the efforts of state and local governments and community-based organizations. In addition, AHA supports expanded use of prescription drug monitoring programs, as well as increased training for first responders on the administration of life-saving medications such as Naloxone to those experiencing an overdose.