The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today issued a proposed rule amending its domestic and foreign quarantine regulations to aid in responding to outbreaks of new or reemerging communicable diseases. Among other proposals, the rule would codify implementation activities related to traveler health screening and other prevention measures; allow the agency to implement domestic travel restrictions and permits for individuals under federal quarantine, isolation or conditional release orders; and clarify when an individual moving between states is “reasonably believed to be infected.” The rule also would allow the agency to use electronic means, such as email and the internet, to monitor individuals believed to be exposed or infected with a quarantinable disease; provide certain due process protections for people served with an isolation or quarantine order; and require commercial passenger flights to report deaths or illness to CDC. The agency will accept comments on the proposed rule for 60 days after its publication in the Aug. 15 Federal Register. Among other provisions, CDC specifically requests comment on whether it should require that all third-party payments be exhausted before federal reimbursement of medical care or treatment for individuals placed under a federal order for quarantine, isolation or conditional surveillance.