The Florida Department of Health has expanded the area of mosquito-born Zika virus transmission in Miami Beach to about 4.5 square miles, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Saturday. “CDC is coordinating closely with Florida officials and providing technical support in the areas of disease detection and mosquito control, the agency said. “State officials continue to quickly implement mosquito control programs and look for additional cases in the areas where people have had confirmed Zika infection.” CDC today issued updated guidance for people who travel to or live in a one-square-mile area in Wynwood, FL, just north of downtown Miami. “No new cases of locally transmitted Zika have been reported in the Wynwood-designated area since early August, and low numbers of mosquitoes have been found in traps there for the past several weeks since aerial application of the larvicide Bti and the adulticide Naled,” the agency said. As of Sept. 14, a total of 3,176 cases of Zika have been reported in the continental United States and Hawaii through CDC’s ArboNet, including 43 locally transmitted mosquito-borne cases in Florida. For more information about Zika, visit and