The AABB is urging eligible donors across the country to donate blood and platelets as soon as possible. Hurricane Matthew, which lashed Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas over the past few days, forced the cancellation of numerous blood drives. “We are asking all potential donors, both current and first-timers, to roll up a sleeve and make a commitment to donate blood as soon as possible,” said Dennis Todd, chair of the AABB’s Task Force on Domestic Disasters and Acts of Terrorism. According to the AABB, platelets and type O blood, particularly type O negative blood, are especially in need. Platelets are critical to many patients, especially those on chemotherapy, while type O blood is the only blood type that can be safely transfused to most patients with other blood types and is frequently used in emergency situations. Interested donors are urged to contact the following for donation opportunities in their areas: AABB; America’s Blood Centers; the American Red Cross; and the Armed Services Blood Program.