The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services today released a proposed rule that would update fire safety standards for certain end-stage renal disease facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The rule would adopt applicable provisions of the National Fire Protection Association’s 2012 Life Safety Code and 2012 Health Care Facilities Code (with some exceptions), regardless of the number of patients served, for ESRD facilities that do not provide at least one grade-level exit from the treatment-area level, CMS said. Among other provisions, the rule would require doors to hazardous areas to be self-closing or close automatically, and a fire watch or building evacuation if the sprinkler system is out of service for more than 10 hours. It also would allow alcohol-based hand rub dispensers to be placed in corridors for easier access. The rule also clarifies that dialysis facilities may not operate in a building that is adjacent to an industrial high-hazard area.