FBI Director James Comey today encouraged hospital and health system leaders to work closely with the FBI on reporting cyberattacks. “We will be open and honest with you and treat you as what you are: victims,” Comey said at the AHA Annual Membership Meeting. He said collaboration between the hospital and health system field and law enforcement is key to combatting cyberattacks in health care. “We don’t want your patient records,” he said, but the “fingerprints of that digital intrusion.” Comey cited ransomware as the top cyber threat confronting the field, and said paying cyber criminals encourages hackers to continue using health care as a lucrative market. He urged AHA members to maintain backup systems to protect valuable data. He also encouraged hospitals and health systems to reach out and build relationships with their local FBI field office as they would with their local fire department, emphasizing how familiarity can aid in a quick response in the event of an incident. The AHA is hosting a series of free training programs on managing cybersecurity in health care.