The Department of Health and Human Services’ cybersecurity task force Friday sent Congress its recommendations for improving cybersecurity in the health care sector. The proposals focus on defining and streamlining leadership, governance and expectations for health care cybersecurity; increasing medical device and health information technology security and resilience; developing health care workforce capacity; improving awareness and education; protecting research and intellectual property; and improving information sharing about threats and mitigations. “We are pleased that the HHS cybersecurity task force report has been published and we look forward to reviewing it closely,” said Chantal Worzala, AHA vice president of policy. “This report comes at an important time and the recommendations will facilitate discussion of needed steps to further protect our interconnected health information systems, from the smallest physician office to the largest insurer. While cyber threats will continue against the health care field, we will continue to work with the federal government, policymakers, law enforcement, partners in the private sector, and hospitals and health systems to mitigate risk and protect the information of patients.” For hospital and health system resources to reduce and manage cyber risks, including in-person training for hospital leaders, visit