The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today reported at least 85 healthcare-associated cases of Legionnaires’ disease, a serious lung infection, in 2015. About 80% of the cases were associated with long-term care facilities, 18% with hospitals and 2% with both. CDC offers a toolkit to help health care facilities implement the 2015 America Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers standard for water management programs to reduce Legionella bacteria. “America’s hospitals and health systems are committed to providing safe and healthy environments for the patients they serve,” said Nancy Foster, AHA vice president for quality and patient safety policy. “This includes ensuring the development and use of an effective water management program to help prevent the outbreak of diseases, including Legionnaires’ disease. Our member hospitals and health systems rely on effective guidance from trusted partners, such as CDC and ASHRAE, to provide a road map for their work. AHA will share today’s guidance with its members and support them in their efforts to ensure it is implemented.”