In a statement sent to accrediting organizations Friday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it will develop guidance regarding the definition of what constitutes a ligature risk and other safety risks involved in the care of patients with suicidal ideation. CMS typically requires condition-level deficiencies to be corrected in 60 days. “[W]e have found that while our accredited organizations are committed to correcting ligature and self-harm risks, correcting these issues may require additional time and resources to achieve full compliance,” The Joint Commission said. “After much collaboration with CMS, we are pleased that CMS has agreed to develop guidance in the area of ligature risk.” CMS expects to develop the guidance in the next six months. In the interim, the agency affirmed that The Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations may use their judgment in identifying ligature and safety risk deficiencies; the level of severity for those deficiencies; and the approval of the facility’s corrective action and mitigation plans.