In an article published online today by NEJM Catalyst, AHA Chief Medical Officer Jay Bhatt, D.O., and Physician Leadership Forum Vice President Elisa Arespacochaga share tips and resources to help hospitals and clinicians screen for and treat opioid use disorders, communicate with patients about pain management alternatives and prescribe appropriately. “Every day, clinicians see firsthand the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic on patients, families and communities,” they note. “How clinicians provide care to patients who are opioid-dependent or have overdosed, how they think about and prescribe opioids, how they connect patients to treatment resources, and how well they are collaborating with other stakeholders in this work are all key to better treatment, results and recovery." The AHA last month released a toolkit offering guidance and case examples to help hospitals and health systems work with their patients, clinicians and communities to tackle the opioid epidemic.