As the House Energy and Commerce Committee prepares to craft comprehensive legislation to address the nation’s opioid epidemic, AHA today urged the committee to report legislation to align 42 CFR Part 2 with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. “Congress must amend this law, which impedes the sharing of critical patient information that is necessary to deliver the most effective and efficient care,” AHA Executive Vice President Tom Nickels said in a letter to committee leaders. “Applying the same requirements to all patient information − whether behavioral or medical − would support the appropriate information sharing essential for clinical care coordination and population health improvement, while safeguarding patient information from unwarranted disclosure. H.R. 3545 would achieve these goals and we, therefore, urge the Committee to report this important legislation as introduced.” Tomorrow afternoon, the committee will convene a two-day hearing on more than 30 bills to address the opioid crisis through Medicare and Medicaid coverage and payment policies.