The AHA opposes tariffs that have been imposed on medical equipment and medical products imported from China that are used in hospitals, as well as potential tariffs under consideration that would impact the health care field. 
"The imposition of these tariffs will increase the cost of providing health care to all Americans, hitting vulnerable communities, such as rural communities that can least afford higher costs, especially hard," AHA wrote today to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. 
According to the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management, an AHA professional membership group, the recent tariffs are estimated to increase the cost of medical equipment and supplies typically purchased by hospitals and health systems by at least $160 million per year. This amount does not include the additional costs due to tariffs that hospitals will incur during construction for steel or when acquiring major appliances so the overall impact on hospitals and health systems is greater and will certainly lead to higher health care costs, AHA noted. 
"We urge the Administration to find alternatives to tariffs and to work with stakeholders to consider the impact of potential trade actions," AHA wrote. "The AHA asks the Administration to enact policies that make health care more affordable so that every American can reach their highest potential for health."

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