At Hartford HealthCare, a different HAIM offers the sweet sound of new treatments and diagnostic tools

Hartford HealthCare. AI in medicine image shows a whitecoat at a laptop with a hologram of medical charts

Hartford HealthCare is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a collaborative focused on holistic artificial intelligence in medicine. Fourteen MIT doctoral students are working side-by-side with clinical experts from HHC to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance health care.

Holistic AI in Medicine, or HAIM, just like the Grammy-nominated rock band, can integrate multiple data sources, including information stored in electronic health records, clinical images, readings from medical devices, physician notes and radiology reports. HAIM has proved effective in predicting patient mortality, diagnosing diseases, determining the best course of treatment and monitoring patient progress.

The MIT student-HHC physician teams are collaborating on study projects to predict patients at risk for health care-associated infections, treat fragility hip fractures, screen for early detection and guideline-directed management of aortic stenosis, predict whether patients with psychosis are likely to relapse — and use AI to develop other diagnostic strategies and tools and new treatments.

HHC and MIT believe that HAIM has the potential to “revolutionize” health care by providing clinicians with more accurate information about their patients. Their collaborative work is among the health system’s many initiatives focused on innovation.

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