Telling the Hospital Story: Jefferson Health

Diverse medical team stacks hands in team huddle shot from below

The saying, “knowledge shared is knowledge squared” is a nod to the power of experience and the importance of passing on learnings to the next generation.

It is the reason Jefferson Health recently subscribed to the Nurse Emeritus Program across all 18 of its hospitals throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The national program allows retired nurses to stay engaged on their own terms, working less than full time, at the bedside or in the department, with lots of freedom in terms of where they work.

In addition to alleviating the stresses caused by too few nurses in many locations, the Emeritus program encourages senior nurses with many years of front-line experience to share what they have leaned with younger colleagues.

They are often there to guide new-to-practice nurses, managers, and directors of nursing as they try to change the industry for the better.

With some 4 million registered nurses projected to retire by 2030, health system leaders believe the opportunity to share patient care duties and learn from older, seasoned professionals it will give younger nurses the support they need to stay on the job for years to come.

According to a Jefferson Health spokesperson, “Emeritus RNs can sense when things are not right. They can see the nurse who is ready to go over the edge and offer help,” she adds. “Having E-RNs to do discharge planning, do rounds with patients, and ensure patients understand their medication goes a long way to preventing readmission and improving the health of the population we serve.”

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