LLUMC-Murietta brings personalized cancer care to a small city

Daniel Eagle posing with partner

When Daniel Eagle was told he had early-stage prostate cancer, he was resolute about beating it. He had been monitoring his prostate health his whole adult life and was mentally prepared for a diagnosis. And the oncology care team at Loma Linda University Medical Center–Murrieta in California, the only community cancer center in the region designated by the College of Surgeons, was ready to provide the personalized care he needed. 

Eagle underwent a month-long radiation treatment to drop his prostate-specific antigen. And his treatment, involving 28 daily doses of a targeted X-ray beam treatment, was a multidisciplinary effort, according to his radiation oncologist David Bush, M.D. 

Bush collaborated with dosimetrists and physicians to create a safe and effective treatment approach that is tailored to each patient. Radiation therapists operated the equipment, while radiation oncology nurses and nurse navigators guided patients through the process, he said.

To learn more about Eagle’s care journey and LLUMC-Murietta’s comprehensive cancer program — which integrates medical surgical, radiation oncology, pathology, and other specialties — read this story from LLU.edu