New labor and delivery rooms give new parents more options

Norton Women's and Children's Hospital. Interior shot of a new birthing room

When parents-to-be opt to deliver their baby at a birthing center, it’s often because they want more freedom to choose their birth experience — such as pain management options, comfort techniques, assisted deliveries or just a more homelike setting. After talking to over 7,000 women who delivered babies at Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the hospital decided to give them what they want, but with the safety net of hospital facilities.

Two new labor and delivery rooms provide a more personal experience and can be tailored toward a midwife-assisted delivery, natural labor and delivery, or used for a traditional hospital birth. They have more natural light, as well as more room for additional family members or outside staff, such as doulas, to support the labor and delivery process.

“We know that many patients would like a more holistic experience for childbirth — but with the safety net of a hospital,” said Gigi L. Girard, M.D., obstetrician gynecologist and executive medical director of women’s services for Norton Medical Group. “Helping make childbirth more of an experience as opposed to a hospital stay is very important to us.” Read more about the new labor and deliver rooms here.