Telling the Hospital Story: UC Davis Medical Center

For some grateful parents, like those whose children have been nursed back to health from grave injury, thanking their kid’s health care team is not enough to express their appreciation. At UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Calif., Aaron Brazier decided to give back to the hospital that saved his son’s life by sharing his 20 years of hair care expertise with patients.

Brazier’s volunteer journey with UC Davis began when his 20-year-old son Jake was involved in a severe train crash and spent two months there being treated for injuries. After he recovered in 2019, Brazier was so thankful to his son’s care team that he began volunteering at the hospital, which eventually turned into a full-time position. But he wanted to do more, so he tapped into his former profession as a barber. Now, on his days off, he offers complementary hair care to patients in need.

One of those patients is June Cary. Cary, an electrical burn survivor, lost three limbs due to his injuries — just like Brazier’s son. With the loss of his right hand, Cary struggled to properly care for his dreadlocks while healing in the hospital for 80 days. Brazier, who served a diverse client base in Sacramento, offered Cary his skills and words of encouragement.

Cary is one of roughly 20 UC Davis patients who have benefitted from Brazier’s kindness and expertise. Read more about how Brazier honors UC Davis nurses through volunteering on UC Davis Health’s website.

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