Role of Hospitals: University Hospitals

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As an anchor institution, University Hospitals (UH) is in a unique position to influence population health and advance economic opportunities for their communities. They have made great strides in contributing to the health and welfare of Northeast Ohioans as well as addressing social determinants of health. UH provided $3.24 billion over the past decade in community benefit through the deployment of targeted programs and initiatives, including $483 million in 2020 alone.

UH is building on this legacy by implementing a thoughtful, bi-directional, data-driven, community investment strategy that allocates resources where needs are greatest. In doing so, they can have a more significant impact on their mission – To Heal. To Teach. To Discover. They plan to also enhance partnerships within the community, better promote health equity and wellness, and maximize health care value.

University Hospitals Community Benefit Report

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