Bringing brightness to a dark pediatric issue in Oregon

On April 3, Bay Area Hospital’s Kids’ Hope Center — based in Coos Bay, Ore. — commemorated National Child Abuse Prevention Month by covering the center’s property with a sea of vibrant pinwheels. The annual tradition raises awareness of child abuse and the wheels, which represent the number of children served by the center from the previous year, aim to bring color and hope to survivors recovering from dark experiences.

Each year’s pinwheel planting is a community event and includes participation from local residents, advocates and leaders, including the county sheriff and local law enforcement who joined for the 2023 event. Once planted, the wheels sit on the property for the month of April to show solidarity for the victims and their families.

Learn more about how Bay Area Hospital’s Kids’ Hope Center supports kids healing from abuse, and watch a video, in this KMT16 local news article.

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