AHA Releases Resources That Hospitals and Health Systems Can Use to Encourage Voter Registration

September 2, 2020

Materials can be used in preparation for Sept. 22 National Voter Registration Day

As part of AHA’s We Care, We Vote initiative, the association is releasing a new toolkit with resources that hospital and health system leaders can use to encourage their employees to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election. 

The resources, which are described below, can be used before, during and after the nonpartisan National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 22. Templates and graphics are available for hospitals and health systems to adapt and use to show health care employees’ voices matter. 

The tools include:

  • Printable, customizable posters about the importance of health care voices registering to vote;
  • Sample CEO/leader messages and voicemail scripts to employees, each marked with where you can add your state’s voter registration deadline;
  • Employee newsletter sample articles about why the health care workforce voice matters, with tips on how to help employees engage in the voting process; and
  • Graphics, including Zoom backgrounds and logos, for you to use on any voter registration resources or social media.

All of this content, as well as legal guidance on what types of activities tax-exempt organizations can and cannot engage in around elections, is available on AHA’s We Care, We Vote webpage. The AHA also is partnering with state hospital associations to run ads on various media platforms encouraging health care stakeholders to register to vote and cast their ballot on Nov. 3. 

See AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack’s Aug. 28 column for more on AHA’s efforts. And watch for more tools and resources leading up to Election Day. Please email WeCareWeVote@aha.org to share how your organization is participating