Sustainability Accelerator Tool

Assess your organization’s progress and gain insights to accelerate action

Learn How You Compare to Organizations Worldwide

The International Hospital Federation’s Geneva Sustainability Centre has collaborated with Deloitte to launch a new platform to digitally empower hospitals and health care leaders to drive sustainable, low-carbon, equitable, and resilient healthcare.

The Sustainability Accelerator tool (SAT) is a subscription-based program that enables executives to report a hospital's performance against core indicators and compare it to other health care organizations worldwide. The SAT provides hospital and health care executives with a comprehensive solution to assess organizational sustainability maturity and track progress against key performance indicators.


"Working to reduce the environmental impact from hospitals fits squarely into the mission of hospitals and health systems – that is to care for, serve and advance health for their communities. At the AHA, we recognize the progress being made in the hospital field to reduce emissions and promote environmental stewardship, social equity and fiduciary responsibility to support healthy and resilient environments. We’re pleased to be promoting this new SAT to our members to accelerate this effort."

Jay Bhatt speaking

Michelle Hood



Evaluate your sustainability performance across three domains


The SAT enables hospital and health system leaders to track performance in terms of:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Health, equity and wellbeing
  • Leadership and governance

In addition to understanding your organization’s current maturity, you can access IHF, Geneva Sustainability Centre, and Deloitte sustainability educational resources, insights, and best practices to get expert guidance.

The SAT is a subscription-based service. A free demo is available so that you can explore the tool to see how it can benefit your organization.

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