AHA in the News February 2016

AHA in the News February 2016

Major Healthcare Associations Jump into Supreme Court Case About Fraud, Modern Healthcare February 1, 2016

Hospitals Say CMS Failed to Adequately Explain Pay Cut, Bloomberg BNA February 4, 2016

Getting to the Root Causes of Drug Shortages, New York Times (Letter to the Editor) February 8, 2016

8 Developing Healthcare Trends, FierceHealthcare February 7, 2016

Ruling Gives Hospitals Hope on RAC Appeals Backlog, Modern Healthcare February 9, 2016

Carolinas HealthCare Names Woods CEO, Modern Healthcare February 11, 2016

Committee Approves Health IT Bill, First of Innovation Measures, Bloomberg BNA February 10, 2016

Court Orders Second Look at Worsening Medicare Appeals Backlog, Bloomberg BNA February 10, 2016

Forward-looking Boards of Directors Critical to Rural Hospitals' Health, FierceHealthcare February 10, 2016

Can Health Care Providers Afford to be Ready for Disaster? New York Times February 13, 2016

Behind Medicaid's Move to Pay Psychiatric Hospitals Modern Healthcare February 13, 2016

How to Cut Your Health Care Bill: Pay Cash The Wall Street Journal February 15, 2016

Aetna-Humana Deal Clears Key Antitrust Hurdle But Divestitures Loom, Forbes February 16, 2016

Federal Healthcare Facility Disaster-preparedness Rule Still Stalled, FierceHealthcare February 15, 2016

CMS Proposes 1.35% Medicare Advantage Rate Hike for 2017, Modern Healthcare February 19, 2016

DeTar CEO Elected to Statewide Hospital Association Board, Bloomberg Business February 21, 2016

Ensuring a Safe Hospital Environment, New York Times (Letter to the Editor) February 23, 2016

Government Must Protect Consumers From Limited-benefit Plans, AHA Says, FierceHealth Payer February 23, 2016