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Medical Telemetry

Medical Telemetry


November 23, 2004
AHA/ASHE Regulatory Advisory, FDA Public Health Notification: Risk of Electromagnetic Interference with Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems Operating in the 460-470 MHz Frequency Bands

July 23, 2004
AHA Regulatory Advisory, FCC Requires Registration of Telemetry Equipment (July 23, 2004)


March 18, 2005
AHA/ASHE Comments to FCC, Recommendations on WRC-07 Issues

November 19, 2003
AHA/ASHE Comments to the FCC, Transition from the 460-470 MHz band to the WMTS

Letters to FCC

October 15, 2003
AHA Letter: The Freeze on Higher-Powered Land Mobile Operations in the 460-470 MHz Band (October 15, 2003)

September 23, 2003
AHA Letter: An orderly approach for lifting the “freeze” on higher powered land mobile operations in the 460-470 MHz Band

Press Release

May 29, 2002
Press Release: FCC Ruling Advances Patient Safety

Other Resources

October 16, 2003
FCC Public Notice: Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Extends Freeze on High Power use of 460-470 MHZ Band Offset Channels and Seeks Comment on American Hospital Association’s Proposal for Migration of Medical Telemetry Equipment to Wireless Medical Telemetry Service

May 24, 2002
FCC Admendments to Parts of the Commission's Rules to License Services in Government Bands. Click here to download full report as a PDF File

January 2, 2002
FCC Allocates Additional Spectrum For New Wireless Services. Click here to download the full report from the FCC (FCC 01-382) as a PDF file. (January 2, 2002)

Final Report To The American Hospital Association Taskforce on Medical Telemetry (December 17, 1998)