Health Reform: Health For Life. Better Heatlh. Better Health Care

AHA's contribution to the discussion about health reform.

Health For Life.
Better Health. Better Health Care.

In anticipation of the health care reform debate, the American Hospital Association's Board of Trustees developed a roadmap for improving America's health care system. This framework - Health for Life: Better Health. Better Health Care. - contains a set of goals and policies for creating better, safer, more efficient and affordable health care and a healthier America. It was developed with the support and advice of hospital leaders, leaders of regional and metropolitan hospital associations, and leaders of external organizations representing consumers, employers, insurers, physicians, and others. Its objectives were to identify critical areas for discussion, create innovative ideas for change, and build a launching pad for collective action at the national, state and local community levels. Since June 2008, the AHA has advocated for changes based on this framework. Health for Life will continue to be the standard by which we judge any legislative or regulatory efforts to transform the health care delivery system.

On this site, you'll find resources and information about the Health for Life initiative.

A Framework for Health Reform

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